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    NotOnMyWatch is a diverse national network of groups and individuals organizing people for social and economic justice, environmental sustainability, and fair and clean politics. We are community members, activists, teachers and tech nerds, parents and policy writers, bloggers and farmers, attorneys and graphic designers and more. We are black and white and brown, gay and straight, Muslim, Christian, Jewish and atheist; we are from all walks of life, faiths, industries, and regions of the country. We are Americans who recognize that our greatest strength is in our diversity.


    We believe in the fundamental American values of equality, inclusivity, freedom and justice for all. We believe in the importance of local living and being, and in the power of networks of like-minded and activated citizens.

    We also believe that recent political events in the United States are not a cause for despair, but a call to action. It is a time to energize, organize, and mobilize for transformational change that advances the cause of social and economic justice, environmental sustainability, and of fair and corruption-free politics.



    NotOnMyWatch is a web platform to help you start or connect to  organizations that are working on causes you care about. Through our platform, you can:

    • Take Action: Learn about time-sensitive ways that you can take action on a weekly basis

    • Connect: Identify events and groups through which you can connect to others and organize for change in your area. You can also get the word out about events being organized in your area.

    • Engage: Civic engagement has taken on new meaning. Find ways to share your voice, learn about the issues you care about, and participate in the political process.

    Ultimately, we seek to help individuals and organizations bring about the changes in the world that they believe in. You have an idea. You have a spark. We’ll help you ignite into action.

    Are you in it to win it? The NotOnMyWatch platform also encourages civic participation through a point system. Points can get you needed support, leadership training, trips to events, or cool swag. Learn more about points on our In It To Win It page>>


    Email: info@NotOnMyWatch.Solutions



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    Sign Your Group Up Now

    Is your organization interested in plugging into the NotOnMyWatch platform? Use the form below to sign up your Group. Please review our five criteria for becoming an approved Group. We’ll get back to you shortly!

    How are Groups approved? NotOnMyWatch uses the following five criteria to approve new Groups seeking to join the platform:

    1. MISSION: Your organization is dedicated to advancing social, economic, or environmental justice, and/or helping to promote fair and corruption-free politics

    2. VALUES: The work of your organization reflects the American values of equality, inclusivity, freedom, and justice for all.

    3. IMPACT: Your organization seeks to make an impact at a local, regional, or national scale.

    4. INTEGRITY: Your organization has a track record of responsible use of resources and transparent operations.

    5. TEAM: Your organization has at least 2 active members who are working together to advance your mission and support your impact.


    Need help signing up? View the How To Sign Up Your Group

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